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Who we are

Cooperativa Fonderia Dante is an Italian cooperative company based in San Bonifacio (VR), founded in 2017 after the acquisition of the Ferroli Foundry. Everything was tranferees to CFD: knowledge, equipement, casting furnaces, machinery, know-how and human resources. An inestimable heritage of knowledge and techinques, that have rapresented milestones in the development of thermodinamics worldwide, are today in CFD.

Everything has remained intact in our new identity and in our production capacity, which can understand custumers’ needs and realize theri ideas. The futher investment CFD has made in new peoduction machinery, in design and in the internal laboratory, have been fundamental in improving all the production cycles. Today CFD, with more than fifty years of experience in casting and processing grey and high carbon cast iron, is a dynamic, certified and cutting-edge industrial business, able to offer the best design and production solutions to satisfy the high level segment of the heating and automotive markets.

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CFD Cooperativa Fonderia Dante
Via Ritonda 78A 37047 San Bonifacio (VR) - Italia


CFD Cooperativa Fonderia Dante
Via Ritonda 78A 37047 San Bonifacio (VR) - Italy